Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watching him....

Whew...what a day. I'm pooped. Tired. Worn out. Filled! We had a morning of chores, which the kids cheerfully completed. Love it when that happens. Afternoon was full of basketball games and playing outside and the kids digging a "pool" in my garden. So much dirt, so much fun!

Mac has decided he can walk now.
He literally went from walking maybe 5-10 steps at a time to taking a whole room. I think the clincher was the 2 hours he spent waiting in a the doctors office for his check up.
That's what happens when mom thinks the appointment is at 11 and it's really at 11:40.
Oh well...right?!

Anyway, been watching him a lot today. Swelling with pride. Been reminiscing a lot too. How did he get old enough to walk? Seems like just yesterday he was born. I love my babies!

Tonight as he toddled across the room, I was thinking. Man, he fell down A LOT today. Lots of success, lots of failures, per say. Except they are not fails. They are mere distractions to him, and to me. Not once did I scold him or discourage him from trying again.
Not once did he throw his hands up in the air, scream, and declare the battle not worth the prize - MOBILITY!
Wow. Think on that.
How often do I scold the other kids or myself for simple mistakes, for learning through falling. How many time have I experienced a bump in the road only to decide the pain of falling far outweighed the victory ahead. Hmmmm, indeed.

I think of our Creator. How must He love to watch us learn and try and come to Him when we fall. Not once does He give up on us when we fall and stumble just one too many times. Never does He declare us not worth His energy or attention, and He runs to help us to our feet.

May I see, more fully everyday, my kiddos through Daddy's eyes.
And may I know more fully His infinite His love for me,
as I experience my love for those He has blessed me with.

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Lora said...

so good, danielle!!!