Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Josiah

A few months ago I posted about a baby whose blog I ran across shortly after he was born. Baby Josiah was born prematurely and with quite a few health problems. I have followed his story, as narrated by his daddy, and cried and rejoiced as he has encountered and overcome quite a few obstacles. I checked for an update this morning and saw that things are really not good. You can click on "Drew's View" on my side bar and read his update.

Though I have never met him or his parents, I feel compelled to ask for all you who read this to pray for a miracle on his behalf....and for Andrew and Marie that God will give them faith, wisdom, and strength for the road ahead - whatever it may bring.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Caleb: I have a stuffy nose
Kylie: Oh
Caleb: Why do we have noses?
Kylie: So we can smell.
Caleb: Why do we have tummies?
Kylie: So we can eat
Caleb: Why do we have legs?
Kylie: So we can walk
Caleb: Why do we have hearts?
Kylie: we can listen to God.


K: I'm sorry your nose is stuffy.
C: It's okay
K: You can pray and ask God to heal it tonight
C: I don't know about that. I'm kind of shy to Him.
K: That's okay - I'll ask Him for you...

And just for fun - we got a new camera this week! Does anybody see "baby Kate?"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Update on Micah

On Wednesday, Danni, Micah and I traveled to Seattle. We were able to stay with Danni's relatives that own a town house in Seattle not far from Seattle Children's Hospital.
It turns out that Micah's ulna is formed correctly. It did not appear complete on the x-ray because portions of his ulna are still cartilage.
The Dr also said there is a "very high probability" that Micah's right elbow will correct itself just as his left elbow has. The Dr. attributed the popping to "loose ligaments" . Given this symptom, the feel of Micah's skin and some family history the Dr would like us to see a geneticist to see if Micah has a general problem with his connective tissue (which can manifest as heart and other organ trouble later in life).
In order to make sure Micah's elbow is forming correctly and to see the geneticist, we will be heading to Seattle in late January. We pray that the all goes well and that the passes are clear.

Thank you to all who prayed for the little guy.

This evening Micah enjoyed his first concert and checked out Lincoln Brewster's moves on the guitar while wearing his Harley hat. He was also fond of the cool colors the lights the video screens made. He expressed his appreciation by drooling, kicking and talking while chewing on his hands.

- Jason

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Micah News

I realize that most of you who read my blog attend The Bridge and have already received an email requesting prayer for Micah. But, for those of you who don't, I wanted to give you a run down (from my very non-medical understanding) and ask for your prayer as well.

When Micah was born, I noticed right away that his arms would pop when I would dress him or hold on to his hands. His left arm and both shoulders have since stopped popping, but when I took him into his 4 month appointment I asked the doctor about his right arm. He felt around and moved the arm a bit and suggested we get an x-ray. After the Dr. reviewed the x-ray, he recommended we see a specialist. It seems that Micah's ulna (the smaller bone in the arm) is not formed properly. The tip of it, where it is supposed to join in with the elbow, is shortened and shaped like a pin tip instead of the mushroom so that it is not properly in the elbow joint. Our Dr. said he has never seen something like this and neither have his colleagues. So, on Tuesday, Jason and I are heading to Seattle for a Wednesday appointment at Seattle Children's Hospital with an Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist.

We are praying that God would work a miracle in Micah - that his bone would grow and be formed perfectly to fit in the joint. I know that God can do this, and that this situation with Micah, however it works out, is not for naught - that He will work this for His glory!

Thank you for your prayers! We will keep you updated!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


It's been a couple of weeks. Kylie turned 5 on the 22nd and Caleb turned 4 on the 1st. Ideally I would write about the wonderful things my kids have done and how crazy in love I am with each of them - how they steal my heart a little more everyday and teach me more about who God is with all the little miracles I experience through them. But, it is 8:36 and I have quite a day ahead of me, so I think I will post a few pictures and let you see for yourself how amazing they are!!!!

Caleb at the pumpkin patch on his birthday two years ago.

Caleb at the pumpkin patch on Monday.
Big Micah Smiles!
Princess Kylie with her princess PJ's and purse from Disney Land.
Macey on Daddy's is good!
navigating the hay maze...

Pumpkin Patch family picture from two years ago (that's Macey all bundled in my coat).
Same more kid!
Group Shots....
the counsins - Kylie, Caleb, Macey, Micah, Aiden, and Ana
on top of the hay pyramid (notice mom is not up there...I don't care much for the high places + little people combo)