Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Question: What do you do with a stir crazy two year old who doesn't want to go outside on a snowy day?

Answer: You dye her hair pink!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates, Bumpo's and Investments

I'm glad they don't ban you from blogging for lack of use...
It's been very busy, and while my mind has been going a million mile a minute, and I know there are topics I want to blog about, nothing has really come to fruition. But I think I might try tonight. But first - a few antics from the fam.

Some of you may have heard of the bumpo baby seat. It really is a cool thing to have around. We have one. But being a family on the "Extreme edge of normal" (more on that later), my amazing hubby and son have found a new use for it. Check out these pics:

Yes, they really ARE throwing it at each other. Not TO eachother, mind you, but at eachother. What can I say...gotta love boys!

Now, from the girls...tonight while praying for dinner.

Kylie: Dear God, thank you for everything. Thank you for making us and we love you very much, and we hope that you like us too. Amen.

Macey: (this is the first time she has said anything besides thanks for the food) Dear God, thank you for the spaghetti and for making me pretty and so beautiful and so smart and for beauty. Amen.

Man, I love those kids!

And since Micah doesn't really say anything besides "Ga," here is a cute pic of him and his rice bowl:

Just a quick update on Micah's arm "condition," for lack of a better word. His right arm is still popping with a bit of regularity and we have noticed some increased popping in his other arm. One of the possibilities the Dr. mentioned last time is that all of his symptoms may just mean he is on the "Extreme edge of normal." Sounds good to me - I'll take it!

Anyway, we were supposed to go to Seattle today and have an appointment with the Orthopedics and Genetics departments tomorrow. But, due to a snow storm that left our street looking like this:

we have had to reschedule. We were blessed to be able to schedule the Genetics appointment at an office in Yakima. Children's Hospital does a clinic there a couple times a month, and was able to squeeze us in. We have our first consult and testing on the 6th of February and then a follow up on the 20th of March. We will head up to Seattle, God willing, on the 29th of February for the Orthopedic appointment. So, we wait a little longer and trust a little more. Thank you for your prayers!

God has been so faithful to teach me so many things through parenting these amazing little ones. Something that has come up lately has to do with investments. Not the financial kind, but the eternal kind.

Caleb is starting to REALLY come out of his shell. In the process of discovering who he is, he has begun to ask people for attention, to seek after what he wants instead of waiting for it to come to him. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, per say, but it is so neat to see him develop in this way. Recently he went up to an amazing young woman at church at said "will you take me out on a date?" Wow - who can resist. Of course she said "yes" and has since taken Kylie and soon Macey out too.

On the surface, this is amazing enough - an 18 year old college student taking time out of her VERY busy schedule to hang out with a 4, 5 and 2 year old. But God has had me look deeper. My kids are young. They are learning who they are and who they are called to be. It is a blessing to be surrounded with youth and young adults that I am happy to have influence my kids. As I was thinking about this and what a huge blessing it is I began to wonder if this is a little of how God looks at our relationships.

Do I go out of my way to hang out with those younger and more vulnerable in their spiritual journey. Do I actively sacrifice and invest of my time and energies into someone else? I believe this is something God desires and delights in. How precious to see people investing in your kids!

So thanks Jess...you are amazing!!!