Thursday, June 26, 2008


This just happened two minutes ago:

Me: Go outside and play before quiet times
Kylie: Okay, let's take a plane
Caleb and Macey: Yeah!
Kylie: Keep your hands and feet inside all the time. In case of emergency - SCREAM!!!!

I am still laughing!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Season of Change

Wow - this last week and a half has been a whirlwind. For those of you who have not heard - we are moving to South Carolina! Ahhhh...! It's been kind of a long process leading up to the decision, but once things got put into motion - they went REALLY fast! It's amazing how an entire way of life and thinking can be changed in such a short amount of time. Jason was offered an amazing in a great location - close to some very good friends of ours.
So, I guess now the process begins - trying to sell our house, figure out what we are taking with us, deciding what mode of transportation to take on the way down, finding schools, finding a house, church, etc. I feel like I should be totally overwhelmed, but overall I feel peaceful and excited. For those of you who know me, this is highly abnormal....maybe it's God!!!! Jason's start date is no later than the 21st of July - but we are looking at trying to be there the week before. Not a lot of time, but probalby doable.
I will try to post and keep everyone updated as things progress! To those of you who have spoken encouraging words and blessed this next portion of our journey - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Till Later -


Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Crazy Little Thing Called...Motherhood

There are times that, in my mind, I know I am ridiculously blessed, but I do not show it or really feel it. Many times I find myself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and, honestly, sorry for myself. Even just writing that statement, I am ashamed that such an attitude could enter into my spirit. I have been trying and praying and trusting and winning and failing and trying again to have an eternally minded perspective concerning this place that I am in. This place of laundry and laughter, dishes and uncertainty, diapers and delight, triumphs and fears. Many times I am on "Mommy" Cloud 9 - others I wonder how we are going to survive the next 18 years (give or take a few). Should I go ahead and make appointments at Elijah House now for when they are adults? It is a crazy ride.

But, in the midst of this crazy ride, God has been so faithful to point out many blessings...little things that make it all worth while. Here are a few of the little "kisses" God has brought me from My kids recently, things that I love!

* I love that on my windowsill sits a vase with A LOT of dandelions in from a very special little boy!

* I think it is amazing that my four and five year olds know how to play chess...and quite well!

* My climbing rose bush in the back yard is completely bare of petals...up to Kylie's height!

* I love that my girls come out and spin around for their daddy and say "Am I beautiful?"

* I love that Caleb is SOOOO happy that Micah and finally play cars with him.

* I love that I rarely am in need of four munchkins are hilarious!

* I walked in the other day and Kylie and Caleb were singing opera to each other...precious!

* I love that dreams and visions are a common discussion topic in the morning - my kids are such dreamers and seers.

* Kylie is quite the "air guitar" player!

* Caleb was totally dancing in church yesterday - the man has moves!

* I love that they are somewhat addicted to "Fire Tunnels!"

I know this list is short and very uncomprehensive, - I could probably (and might) write a book about the way God showers us with his love in the form of kids...they are an amazing gift, a blessing beyond compare. Even in the midst of personal struggles and triumphs, in the midst of overwhelming odds - He is on our side! If God is for us (for my family), really, who could ever stand against us?!?!?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Micah Sam!

Today is Micah's 1st Birthday. I really cannot believe how fast the year has gone. It seems with each kid that we have, the first couple years fly by more and more quickly! It has been a wild! Jason and I were talking the other day about the kids and what a blessing they are - trying to imagine life w/out anyone of them is beyond imagination. They have enriched and challenged and blessed our lives so much.
It seems weird to think that just last week we celebrated our 8th anniversary and had to plan it around 4 kids...who would have thought! God is sooo good and seen fit to fill our quiver with amazing kids with amazing destinies and such incredible giftings - quite a humbling thought!

So - below is a little journey through Micah's first year! I think I got a picture from every month! Enjoy...

And a short little update on Micah's arm...We have seen the geneticist and had some subsequent testing done. So far there is nothing to suggest a disorder, besides the physical factors (no heart abnormalities or anything like that). We still have one more test to schedule, hopefully in the next month or so. If everything comes back good with that, then we are possibly looking at surgery in the October time frame. We are so thrilled that there is no obvious genetic disorder and are still praying and believing that God will heal the popping, and restore his arm to perfect functionality!