Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Things I Love Friday

A few of my friends here in SC (and now in NY) do a weekly update on their blogs - "5 Things I Love Friday." I find I am always blessed and encouraged when I read them...taking time out of hectic, kidded, dishes, pregnancy, work filled schedules to just be thankful seems to refresh the soul unlike anything else. Thought I'd give it a try!!

1. I love that Macey and Micah wake up with so much energy ready to play and discover with each other. Right now they are riding their scooters around the house - best friends!

2. I love feeling this new little man wiggle and groove inside my belly - can't wait to meet him!

3. I love that my hubby recognized that I was a little overwhelmed last night at did the dishes for me - then rubbed my feet while watching chick snowboarding!

4. I love that in the midst of uncertainty and waiting and changing perspectives about life God is faithful - He is certain, and constant, and never changing!

5. I love that I heard the birds singing this morning - Spring is on its way!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Whole New World

Caleb is learning to read! I know that I have been through this process once before with Ky, but it really does seem like Kylie was born knowing how to read! It came so easily and naturally for her. She was reciting ABC's and 123's in English and Spanish at two - crazy kid! It's been a bit of a harder journey for Caleb. Last summer he wasn't even willing to pick up a pencil for me, much less practice writing his name. Honestly, I was worried about how he would do in Kindergarten. I KNEW he could do it. I had seen and heard of him "performing" for other people, but not for mom. Hmmmm. Anyway, I think I was more stressed about his first day of school than he was. Well, sure enough, he comes home in the first week telling me that he really wishes I would have worked with him more on his lower case letters because that is what they are working on in school! Ha - I chose not to remind him that he wouldn't even think of writing, but encouraged him to keep working at it. Gotta love this mom gig!!

So, now at half way through the school year, things are starting to click. He is reading street signs all the time, cereal boxes, books and, his favorite - Calvin and Hobbes! I love seeing a new world open up to him! I love the wonder and delight in his voice after he has struggled with a difficult word and come out victorious!

It never ceases to amaze me the way God teaches us through our kids. Every day. We just have to be teachable. I wonder, as I watch Caleb discover, how much Joy our Daddy receives when we conquer a particular battle. I wise man once told me "The bigger the battle, the bigger the victory!" It seems when we have worked and labored and sought after and desired something for so long, that the joy we receive in accomplishment is that much sweeter. I have found that spiritual breakthrough is much the same. Sure, I know that God could make a struggle lessened, could make a battle easier, could make an answer more obvious. But, I wonder if He did that, would we seek Him still? Would my heart long after His to a lesser degree? Would I be more inclined to pat myself on the back instead of realizing that all good things come from Him? Even though I know I grumble and give up and struggle again and try some more and grumble some more....I am thankful that His wisdom is infinite. I am thankful that even in the midst of struggle "*1. He is good, #2. He loves me, and everything else begins at #3"

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Adoption Update!

Our Dossier is in the mail! We sent it out last Saturday - what a crazy rush of emotion! I was having little panic-y moments thinking about the finality of it. It's been a LONG process - longer than some, I would imagine. We moved 3000 miles away from "home," found out we were pregnant with number 5, two of the four kids started school, and many more changes occurred all while working on paperwork, home studies, research etc. There were moments of dread, hope, fear, excitement, anticipation; pretty much the whole spectrum of emotion.

Now - we wait, we pray, we trust, we hope! I'm not sure what, or who, the next step will bring, but am excited for our family to be complete (for the time being), and to love whomever God places in our lives. We ask for and covet any and all prayers sent on our behalf. There is a Joy in the Journey!!