Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i believe she can fly...

Macey woke up this morning in a bad mood.
Not horribly unusual for her, she's definitely not a morning person. But she was more out of sorts than usual today. I did my best to tame her mood, calm her down, spur her on towards getting ready for school in a timely manner.

While she was eating breakfast, I asked if any of the kids had dreams last night. Not an unusual conversation for us to have.
It was like a light clicked on in her.
Tears, anger, fear, frustration, sadness
- all at once -
came flowing from my 5 year old.
"Mom, I lost my flying powers last night." Ahhh...got it.

My Macey is a dreamer.
Not like the "I wanna be such and such someday" type dreamer.
But like the
night time,
revelation type dreamer.

For as long as she has been able to talk, she has articulated her dreams to us. From faceless people with blue hair to
our house flooding
and being told to move
to flying down the stairs and around the house.
She dreams...God speaks...she listens.
It's amazing.

Lately she has been flying...a lot.
I know the applicability and validity of dreams can be debated on many levels.
But I also know that God speaks to me,
to us,
in this way.

On a date with Miss Macey one night, we were talking about dreams.
Jason and I know that it is cool to fly in a dream and have always told her that it was so amazing. But I realized, I had never told her why it was cool.
"Macey, when you fly in a dream, it means you are flying with God, that you He speaks to you with His Spirit, and you listen!"
She replies
"Really?! Oh man, I feel so much better."
Then a slight silence and with a choked up little voice she says
"Mom, these are not tears of sad, but happy tears...I love this!"
Oh man...she gets it!
I love that she gets it, that she knows that Jesus thinks highly of her,
that He wants to carry her and have fun with her.
In her waking, and in her sleeping.

She has even gone so far as to be SOOO excited in the morning after a flying dream that she asks to try it for real.
For. Real.
And she wants me to join in.
As in, she wants to jump off our banister and show me the new moves she learned in her dreams. Now, the rational part of me is like
"Yeah right, I am never going to let my baby jump off a banister.

Don't take this the wrong way and think I am going to be throwing my kids off of banisters...
But I do have to admit that something, deep within, is stirred.
What if she can really fly?
What if God is asking her, telling her to take a step, a leap of faith.
Do I dare stand in the way?
Someday, with faith like a child,
maybe -
she will really fly.
Because I do, I really do...
I believe she can fly....

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Nadine said...

She's amazing and so are you.