Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

In the absence of a Christmas Card this year...

Merry Christmas - may your life be filled to overflowing with the presence and peace of Christ!

We love you...

Jason, Danielle, Kylie, Caleb, Macey, and Micah!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! The Turkey (or as the kids call him, "Fred,") is happily stuffed and in the oven baking nicely! Kylie decorated our chalkboard with a "Tap Dancing Thanksgiving Turkey!" She has become quite the little artist.
The kids also started a ballet/tumbling class this week. A friend in the church is teaching our kids and our friends up the street - incorporating worship and dance and movement in the class. We love it - so do the kids!

Macey has got to be the cutest three year old ballerina I've ever seen!

Here's a couple more pictures - just for fun!

Life here is starting to feel more normal. The kids are adjusting well, though I'm not sure Macey fully realizes that we are here to stay- at least for a while. Micah made a mess with the fireplace the other day and Macey was panicking "Mom, the people that live here are so not going to be happy." Hopefully it will start to feel more permanent to her soon.

I've been learning a lot about who I am, apart from "doing" and absent of self-made expectations. I feel like I am seeing who I am, who I was meant to be - there has been a lot of revelation and chipping away of things that have been waiting in the back ground for too long. I know freedom is coming, I know healing is on it's way. And, though I do not enjoy the process, there is a peace in the purging of the old.

Well - the kitchen is calling once again and there is a parade to be watched....

We are immensely thankful for you, our friends and family - may God bless you to overflowing...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Story

There once was a girl of seventeen

She was kinda cute

A little sassy

But definitely no beauty queen

She was smart and funny and

Quite content

To be a teenager with no

Romantic entanglement


One crazy evening at

Red Robin

She met a young man with

Braids on his noggin

He had striking eyes

(she could tell he was seeing through her)

And was twitching and smiling

Talking of The Miracle Worker

Now, to be honest

This first little meeting

Didn’t do a ton to set

Her heart fleeting

But, an impression was made

And destiny set in motion

God’s had was upon it

Wooing and developing a devotion

Then a few weeks later

At a Mexico gathering

She heard this braided guy

Pray – just a smattering

Something happened then and there

That left her changed FOREVER

Her love began to grow and swell

She knew she would love him FOREVER

Down the road they traveled

For two years – maybe a bit more

She fell in love with his heart, his laugh

Even had a hand it what he wore

There were “random” bus assignments

And Sibling guitar classes

Innocent boat rides

But no romantic passes…

But through all that time – two VERY long years

She kept her desire a secret

Hoping that he would know one day

Her heart was his – and keep it!

Finally one day – her dream came true

Her hopes took flight

As her prince talked to her father

That beautiful September night!

Now here’s a glimpse of things to come…

Her emotion ran deep and wild

So all that night she didn’t sleep

And puked really loud …it wasn’t mild!!!

The next evening he approached her

With a bit of a nervous grin

And asked if she had seen his heart….

Let the romance begin!!!

9 months later they were married

And off to a beautiful start

One of adventure and awe

Two people….one heart!

Now, here they are – 8 ½ years later

4 kids, cross country move

Many journeys, great stories

And what do you think they prove?

That love is a road

That when traveled with care

Is a path that this boy and this girl

Will always, forever share

They show us that faith

Is a rock that won’t budge

That prayers and commitment

Overcome any insecurity or grudge

So deeply devoted -

This woman and this man

Will walk, run, or jump

In line with the Creator’s hand

Where will their path lead

No one really knows

Will there be more kids

Hey – probably so!

Will there be ups?

And will there be downs?

Will there be smiles?

And will there be frowns?

Absolutely – to all the above

But one thing this girl knows –

Nothing will diminish my love!

You – my lovely 31 year old

And smart, handsome, gracious and kind

You are gentle and patient

I think maybe you can read my mind!!! ;)

You calm my fears

You hold me tight

You love me deep

You lead me right!!!

There is no one else

I would rather share

This journey of life

From here to there….

I love you,

My hot OLD man!!

You make me smile

Like no one can!!

Here’s to many many more

Birthdays for you

May your desires be fulfilled

Your destiny come true!


Here's to the rest of the journey...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates and Pictures

Kids on the Carousel at the zoo. Micah did not want to get off....ever!
The girls on the Dionosaur!

The gang looking at the fish. Micah kept saying "whoa, wow..."

Kylie got to feed the giraffe out of her hand. So fun!

Kylie's "rock star" birthday cake. Didn't turn out too bad.

Kylie with her groupies!
Happy Birthday Morning!

Thank you Grandma Patty and Grandpa Steve!
Did Grandma Nita and Grandpa Matt seriously get me underwear for my birthday?
Oh - and a princess nightgown too - amazing! Thanks guys!

This one is for you Grandpa Matt - A Biker in the making!

Caleb and his dart gun (which we have three of now) - makes for great family "bonding!"

As you can see, it's been a busy month. Birthdays, the Zoo, getting settled it - I can't believe it's almost October! The weather is finally starting to cool down here and we are spending a lot of time outside riding bikes and playing in the yard. The kids are making friends in the neighborhood - there are two sets of 3 girls the same age as Kylie and Macey that live within three houses of us , and a 4 year old boy just down the street for Caleb to play with. It's fun to watch them develop and branch out.

We took Micah to an orthopedic specialist for his arm a week or so ago. The Doc disagreed with our Dr. in Seattle at opted to cast Micah's arm to see if it would set/grow into place as he developed. After the initial x-ray that same day, he realized he had casted the arm in the wrong position. So, they sawed (yikes) the cast off and it ended up hurting/burning Micah's arm. At that point, as two slightly distressed and unhappy parents, we discussed the info further and decided to seek a 3rd opinion to see if we can have two specialists agree. After researching hospitals a bit, we have an appointment at Duke Medical University (about two hours away) on Nov. 4th and a Genetics appointment at the same place the day before. We have a bit more peace about this decision. The hospital is highly rated and our phone experience has been really positive so far. If you think of it, please continue to pray that we will listen and hear and know what decisions to make concerning his care.

We are continuing to attend Morning Star Church. As we make more friends and connections, it is starting to feel more normal, more like home for the time being. I still deeply miss the closeness and intimacy of my friends at The Bridge, but know that this is where God has us for right now. I'm excited to see what He has set out for us to learn and receive and give and do...both at the church and in our every day life. Bring on the adventure!!!

Until Later -- D-

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9 years ago today...

9 years ago today...
I had not slept at all the night before
I threw up my strawberries and cream oatmeal in the morning
I spent a torturous day working in the JC Penny's Junior Department
I sat through a seemingly never ending worship set
I watched the most amazing man in the world approach me and say these words
"I think someone stole my heart and I'm thinking you might know where to find it..."

Thank you, Jason, for nine years of joy, adventure, love, passion and excitement...for 8 1/2 years of marriage and four stunningly beautiful children. Thank you for loving me in the truest way - for being patient and kind and putting me and our family above yourself. Thank you for listening to God and being a gentle, wise leader. I love you....


The comfort of the South...

I have heard it said that those who hale from the south find comfort in small things. Warm summer evenings, a tall glass for cold sweet tea, the slower pace of life, and the sound of Cicadas chirping in the trees. Whoa -- hold it there - what? The sound of what? The night we arrived in South Carolina, Tyler picked us up at the airport and kindly drove to his home. When we stepped out of the van, we were greeted by a mildly deafening noise - Jason and I were sure that someone was sawing something in the woods- after all, they do live in a new construction area. But, at this time of night...something didn't add up. Nope - no sawing here, just the bugs...just the cicadas. Ahhhh...freaky - it was SOOOO loud. Then, this weekend when I was clearing off the deck I saw this little guy - he is dead - but still kinda creepy:

And definitely NOT COMFORTING!

In more wholesome, and less buggy news - the local Chic-Fil-A had a family/princess night. If you dressed up, you got a free kids meal. Cool, free food, I thought! AND - they had free horse drawn carriage rides. Game on! I thought it'd be a fun night out, the kids would get to dress up and ride in a carriage - short, sweet, we go home. Think again! I have never seen so many princesses in my life - all in one, very small, space. The kids had a blast and didn't complain about having to wait almost an hour for a carriage ride...enjoy the pics! (Oh - Caleb wants me to tel you that he is "the dragon guarding that castle" - just in case anyone was wondering)...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kindergarten, scuppernogs and buggies

I know, it's been a long time since I've updated. Things have started to settle down a bit here and feel a little more normal. Kylie has gotten into a good routine with school and is loving the social aspect of class and excelling at the academic parts. It's been interesting to see the evidence of favor in her life. There have been two "drawings" that they have started up in since the beginning of school. One was for the "Queen/King of the day" and the other for the letter "expert." She has been the first one drawn for both of these. She says something like "I was hoping and praying that it would be me, and my wish came true!" Gotta love it! It's been a challenge for me to let her go every day and not have that constant influence on who she plays with and what she does. We're wondering how to give her a sense of independence and self but still keep her well grounded...letting her make her own choices while still guiding her. It'll be a fun journey!

Caleb is really coming into his own with Kylie gone during the day. It's quite a novel thing for him to be the oldest...and it fits him well. Micah and Macey are quickly becoming playmates and enjoying one another. Macey is quite the social butterfly. Think Kylie 3 years ago and mutliply it - by a lot! She will talk to anyone, anywhere about anything. Micah has developed into quite the ham and is saying "I love you," "thank you," and his all time favorite "Daaaaaa," (for use whenever Jason is in earshot).

You may be asking about the title of this blog about now. What is a scuppernog, you ask? A couple weeks ago, I was at a fruit stand hoping to find some fresh cherries for a pie. (Oh, how I long for some cherries from the Gabriel's orchard...nothing even close here). They were out - no surprise- but they did have a HUGE crate of scuppernogs and muscadines. Playing the out of towner perfectly, I asked the guy next to me. He said in a very souther accent -- try one, they make good wine. Turns out they are a bit like a grape and a cherry in one. Not the greatest, but they do apparently make AND sell scuppernog wine...I've only seen it at Wal-Mart, though. I think I'll wait on that one. Speaking of Wally-World, when you get something to push your groceries in's not cart, it's a buggy - just ask the locals!

I think I wrote about my neice, Ana, a couple posts ago. She gets to come home today - yeah! She has officially been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. She will most likely start a type of dialysis that uses the lining of the stomach instead of the kidneys to filter out the toxins in her body. Not the best diagnosis, but it could be way worse and God is still so good! Here is something my amazing sister-in-law (ana's mommy) wrote and the news letter from the church that my brother pastors with his insights. Ana and her brother Aiden are so blessed to have them as parents. Please continue to pray for them and for a miracle for Ana's little kidneys...

I wrote the above about an hour ago, and just had a thought to share:
Something D said in his newsletter a while ago struck me, and God has been letting it marinate in my brain since then. God is more interested in our character than our comfort. (paraphrase) It occurred to me just tonight that the places in scripture where God speaks about goodness or prosperity probably have nothing to do with our view of goodness and prosperity.
I have often taken comfort in verses like the following:

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

"...He who trusts in the Lord will prosper. Prov. 28:25

I have been thinking of these entirely backwards. God isn't speaking of my view of my "good" nor is he speaking of worldly prosperity. My view of "good" is that my daughter would be healed, and my view of prosperity is a comfortable living. I'm a good 'baptist' girl and I'm reluctant to admit that I have viewed this verse about prosperity in this way (we try to get as far from the 'name it claim it' thinking as possible,) but I think if we're honest, we have probably all done it in some way or another.

God's view of "Good" is that he would be glorified. If more glory would be shown in her illness than her healing, then i need to be just as fervently praying that he would be glorified in her illness. Dare I say... more so.

My prayer tonight was for God to show me HIS view of goodness and prosperity.
That he would help me deny myself and learn to be full of joy in what he calls good.

Maybe God is calling you to join me in this petition.

Thanks for indulging me in my ramblings. Not that you had much of a choice, I've already typed it, and curiosity probably propelled you to continue reading. All I have to say about that is HA HA HA :)

luv u all,

Kennewick Baptist Church September Newsletter --

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
Matthew 7:24
Jesus spoke these words after delivering His most famous discourse, the Sermon on the Mount. In that message He painted with a broad brush and covered everything from revenge to fasting, from marriage to humility. Plainly put, He talked about life and said that the wise man is he who not only hears God’s truth about life, but then puts it into practice when given the opportunity. Head-knowledge must be translated into the language of our hearts, which can then be used to renovate our lives.
Over the past few weeks God has given me ample opportunity to “put into practice” truths I thought I’d known before. It’s one thing to say I trust the Lord with my family, and another thing altogether to sit alone in an airplane as my daughter is airlifted to another hospital because they’re unsure if she’ll make it through the night. It been easy in the past to say I will rest in the Lord when things were going smoothly, but it’s a different story when that “rest” must be chosen in the midst of jumbled emotions, muddled thoughts, a cluttered heart, and an impersonal ICU room.
My point is not to highlight my situation (as many of you have faithfully traveled this same road . . . and paths much darker than mine), but instead to state the realization that even our deepest trials can become fertile ground for profound growth. I am increasingly convinced that God is much more concerned with our character than He is with our comfort . . . and that He allows trials to intersect our lives in order to bring us to points of decision: will we be faithful to live out what we say we believe?
The storms of life will blow and the waves will buffet our hearts. There is no escaping this fact. However, when the forecast looks bleak may we come to see that God is placing before us another opportunity to not only “hear” His words, but to live them!
So as you go through this month . . . with all its ups and downs . . . remember what God has said, remember what He has called you to do and who He has predestined you to be, and then be wise and live like it. May God bless you richly as you live for His glory . . . even on stormy days!

Blessings - Dustin

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More firsts...

Kylie just left with Jason for her first day of school. I think I am holding up okay...we'll see how the rest of the day goes. I think I was more apprehensive than she was. It's quite overwhelming!
Here are some fun pictures of getting ready for the big day:

Kindergarten fingers and toes:

Miss Kylie posing for the camera. I said "give me nice smile for everyone back home" and that was enough for her to let loose!
Feeling good!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Micah's first haircut and Kylie's wish list

Mom, Jess - this is for you!
Micah had his first haircut this morning! Thanks Sherry!


And - here is Kylie's first ever, hand written, birthday list. I love it!

Mom, Jess - this is for you!
Before --

Thursday, August 14, 2008

settling in....almost

Good grief - I feel like I have so much to say that I don't even know where to begin. So pardon the rambling, but here is what's been happening for the last couple weeks.

We have moved out of Tyler and Jenn's and are now staying with our friends in Charlotte. It just so happens, he is also our Realtor - not a bad combination!! We are sooooo very thankful to Ty and Jenn and Boaz for letting us crash at their house for a bit longer than expected - what a blessing!

It's been fun hanging out in Charlotte and getting a bit of a taste of the "big" city. Though it is not near as busy as Seattle, and way cleaner feeling. We took the kids to the Discovery Center in uptown (downtown)? Charlotte last week. There was a dinosaur bone exhibit. Caleb was very nearly overwhelmed - going back and forth from one thing to another and then running off to the next and next and next. So fun to watch! I'm pretty sure this will be a regular outing for us.

Kylie starts school next week. I always imagined that I would be SO ready for her to start - to let her socialize and for me to spend some more one on one with the other three kids. But, instead, I find myself a little panicked (weird, I know)! What if she gets lost, what if she doesn't make friends, what if she doesn't like her teacher --- ahhhh! But, I do know that God has it so under control and has set out everything'll be quite the adventure for all of us!

We close on our house on the 21st! It will be so amazing to be in our own space and get things set up and arrange and just "be." I don't think I'll be leaving the house for months! I'm not quite sure how I feel about the roaming lifestyle?!?!

Jason's job is going well. He has been working really long days in anticipation of a product launch (I think that's what it is called). It amazes me how he can juggle so many things - family, faith, friends, work - all with excellency. I truly am blessed to be married to him and walking out this journey by his side!

In other, not so great news, my niece, Ana, has been hospitalized for the week or so. It seems she had a sever case of rota virus that eventually caused her kidneys to fail. She has undergone one round of dialysis so far and the docs will continue to do gentle dialysis (spreading it out throughout the day) for the next few days. They are still optimistic that her kidneys will restart on their own, but it is still pretty intense. Please continue to pray for this little two year old and her parents and brother as they weather this storm. They are an amazing family with an amazing faith in a really HUGE God!

I think we have found a church home. We looked at some online and visited a couple and am pretty sure we are going to be attending Morning Star for a while. The size is difficult for me, but I really do feel like God has us there for a season and a reason. The worship is amazing and the word is solid. I am a bit apprehensive about the kids program, but feel that it will work out for the best. A funny thing about the church: the first Sunday worship was lead by Molly Skaggs - "hmmm," I thought - "I wonder it that is Ricky Skaggs daughter?" I realize most of you have no idea who Ricky Skaggs is. I, on the other hand, have very fond memories of listening to his tapes in the van with my dad and drawing and playing in my room with his tape blaring on my player. Turns out, he and his family attend Morning Starr and play on the Worship Team. Kinda funny! Where else can you hear Bob Jones prophecy and Ricky Skaggs play his fiddle on the same day?!?!?

Overall, life is good, God is faithful and we are blessed to overflowing!

Till Later --


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes from the South

Hello! There's been a lot happening here - a lot to update!
We received word on the house today that there is only one small step left and it is ours! - Very exciting. We are anxious to be in our own home and settle in a bit more!

We have tried a couple churches - Morning Star and another much smaller church in Charlotte. We are praying and listening for where God wants us, though we do have a pretty good feel at this point...God has been good to bless us with some divine encounters with other believers who have loved and encouraged us!

I was talking to a friend the other day and had to tell her of some of the cultural things I am noticing here. Back in the Tri-Cities it was not at all uncommon to see Taco Trucks on the side of the road. Here, however, it is all about the BBQ. There are random signs in parking lots that say "Bobby BBQ - here on Tuesday" - And it is quite the ordeal - they are packed out! Just yesterday I saw one called, and I'm not kidding - Pig Palace - um...a little weird, yeah - but true.

In family news- Micah has started walking!!! We were having dinner with friends and he took the plunge. We had the camera on hand and caught his first steps - he is soooo proud of himself!!!

That's it for now! Thanks to all of you have called and listened and prayed and supported -- I love you tons!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Update!

Hello! Just a quick update...Yesterday the bank approved the offer we submitted on the house. Now it goes to the underwriter - our Realtor said this is usually a good sign - if it passes the banks approval, it's usually a done deal. The big question now is how fast the current resident can move out of the house...hopefully very quickly!! Thank you to all who have prayed and encouraged us (me) over the last are all very dearly missed!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life in the (not so) fast lane

Well, we made it. We are officially living in South Carolina. It's crazy how in the midst of the transition - getting the house ready to sell, finding a place to stay, cars to rent etc - it seemed like the "day" would never come. Then when we were boarding the airplane, it all seemed like it went so all of you helped paint, clean, fix, love and encourage - thank you beyond words.
Here a couple updates. First - our house in the Tri -Cities...God was SOOO in it! We listed it on Monday (last week) at about noon. By two someone had called to look at it and offered by 6pm. We countered, he countered and we accepted...amazing! Then yesterday while we were looking at a house (that I am in love with) the realtor called and said that the inspection passed and we were good to go. How good is our GOD!!!??? We still have not settled 100% on a house here, but have two really promising prospects...just waiting and listening. Hopefully my next post will have pictures of the new Thompson Landing!
The plane ride(s) went really well considering 4 young, tired, excited kids. Two notabe moments - on the descent into Minneapolis there was a TON of turbulence. I was not having fun---at all. The kids, on the other hand, had to be convinced they were not on a rollercoaster - kind of funny - to us anyway. Finally, we landed in Charlotte - we were tired and anxious and in the back of the plane. Everyone was standing, mostly patiently, and they finally turned of the seat belt and no-smoking signs. Dear Kylie said, quite loudly, "great, now we can smoke!" -- Oh - Kylie, Kylie, Kylie --- gotta love her!!!
So - Southern Living is definitely different. One of the "cart boy" at wal-mart the other day walked up and asked if he could load my groceries for me while I buckled the kids Then at Starbucks (of which I have only seen two in the ENTIRE TOWN) I was waiting to go through the drive through - to no avail. Bubba in the truck in front of me was just sitting there. Hmmmm....then one of the employees walked out and informed me in a very charming southern drawl, that the drive through was closed for about 10 minutes while they poured concrete. He politely invited me to come in and order inside. I informed him that there was no way I was coming into a very small store with 4 kids. "Oh," he said "well just tell me what you want and I'll bring it out to fact, why don't you park in the handicap spot so you can be closer." Wow - only in the south - I love it!!!
We are having a great time with Ty and Jenn - they are such saints to allow the 6 of us to join in their home life - What a blessing and encouragement they are....

We all miss everyone there sooo much - I feel like there is so much I want to say to everyone to the make the goodbye proper. But how do you say good bye to people who have encouraged and loved and corrected and upheld and poured into and blessed you. How do you tell people how proud you are of who they have become, how blessed you are to have been a part of their lives. I don't know if words can express the depth of out love for you...Thanks to all! I keep thinking of the verse "The Lord watch over you and me, while we are apart, one from another."

Until Later -- I have to go, and so do you (that one is for you, Rich) --


Thursday, June 26, 2008


This just happened two minutes ago:

Me: Go outside and play before quiet times
Kylie: Okay, let's take a plane
Caleb and Macey: Yeah!
Kylie: Keep your hands and feet inside all the time. In case of emergency - SCREAM!!!!

I am still laughing!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Season of Change

Wow - this last week and a half has been a whirlwind. For those of you who have not heard - we are moving to South Carolina! Ahhhh...! It's been kind of a long process leading up to the decision, but once things got put into motion - they went REALLY fast! It's amazing how an entire way of life and thinking can be changed in such a short amount of time. Jason was offered an amazing in a great location - close to some very good friends of ours.
So, I guess now the process begins - trying to sell our house, figure out what we are taking with us, deciding what mode of transportation to take on the way down, finding schools, finding a house, church, etc. I feel like I should be totally overwhelmed, but overall I feel peaceful and excited. For those of you who know me, this is highly abnormal....maybe it's God!!!! Jason's start date is no later than the 21st of July - but we are looking at trying to be there the week before. Not a lot of time, but probalby doable.
I will try to post and keep everyone updated as things progress! To those of you who have spoken encouraging words and blessed this next portion of our journey - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Till Later -


Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Crazy Little Thing Called...Motherhood

There are times that, in my mind, I know I am ridiculously blessed, but I do not show it or really feel it. Many times I find myself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and, honestly, sorry for myself. Even just writing that statement, I am ashamed that such an attitude could enter into my spirit. I have been trying and praying and trusting and winning and failing and trying again to have an eternally minded perspective concerning this place that I am in. This place of laundry and laughter, dishes and uncertainty, diapers and delight, triumphs and fears. Many times I am on "Mommy" Cloud 9 - others I wonder how we are going to survive the next 18 years (give or take a few). Should I go ahead and make appointments at Elijah House now for when they are adults? It is a crazy ride.

But, in the midst of this crazy ride, God has been so faithful to point out many blessings...little things that make it all worth while. Here are a few of the little "kisses" God has brought me from My kids recently, things that I love!

* I love that on my windowsill sits a vase with A LOT of dandelions in from a very special little boy!

* I think it is amazing that my four and five year olds know how to play chess...and quite well!

* My climbing rose bush in the back yard is completely bare of petals...up to Kylie's height!

* I love that my girls come out and spin around for their daddy and say "Am I beautiful?"

* I love that Caleb is SOOOO happy that Micah and finally play cars with him.

* I love that I rarely am in need of four munchkins are hilarious!

* I walked in the other day and Kylie and Caleb were singing opera to each other...precious!

* I love that dreams and visions are a common discussion topic in the morning - my kids are such dreamers and seers.

* Kylie is quite the "air guitar" player!

* Caleb was totally dancing in church yesterday - the man has moves!

* I love that they are somewhat addicted to "Fire Tunnels!"

I know this list is short and very uncomprehensive, - I could probably (and might) write a book about the way God showers us with his love in the form of kids...they are an amazing gift, a blessing beyond compare. Even in the midst of personal struggles and triumphs, in the midst of overwhelming odds - He is on our side! If God is for us (for my family), really, who could ever stand against us?!?!?