Saturday, June 30, 2007

I hope I win!!!!


So - I saw this contest on a friend's website and thought "oh how nice, I hope she wins." BUT - then I was overcome with this strange desire for a custom swim suit, place mats and goodness - I don't even remember what else. So - due to my lack of sleep, crazy hormone rushes and one of the first full glasses of wine (actually it was more like 1/4 of a glass) that I've had in 10 months, and not to mention a whole day of packing and making lists for all 6 of us to go on a week vacation, I decided - hey - I might enter and see if I win!!! Jason is mercilessly mocking me right now, but - what the heck - can't hurt!!! Now I have to figure out how to post a link so I can actually enter! Have fun!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm here...really...I think

Wow - I am embarassed at how long it's been since I've blogged. But, here I am - finally. I have lots of ideas, or semi-ideas, for blogs, but nothing is really coming to me right now. In fact, complete thoughts have become a rare commodity! Whoever said that after three kids, adding one more is no big deal??? Whoever they were - they LIED!!!! So we'll see how this goes.

31/2 weeks ago when I was patiently (yeah right) waiting for Micah to let us know he was ready to come out, I remember that I got to a point where I was convinced it would never happen. I felt like I REALLY was going to be pregnant forever. Now, my logical side knew this wasn't true, and that ALL babies are born SOMETIME. But, my tired, achy, hormonal side was telling me that this was an eternal condition. But, on the day that he was born - I think it was shortly before my water broke in the middle of the crosswalk - I was thinking of a spiritual application. How many promises have I heard from God that I have yet to see fulfilled. It seems like it is so easy to discount the promise or to think that it is not coming when it is not on my timetable. In the physical sense, I had every evidence available that Micah WOULD be born - I was huge and waddling and everything within me was saying that the time was near. But it was so easy to forget that in light of my impatience and even excitement - when, oh when would he come. Sound familiar?? God reminded me that day that he has not forgotten the promise - that those things which have been conceived are being grown and nourished in the the time, HIS time, is right to bring the promise forth!

Looking back, I see that Micah was born just on time. Oh, how I pray for patience, Lord, to wait for Your timing - Your perfect timing - for promises to be birthed!!!