Wednesday, April 18, 2007


pregnancy cartoonI popped up my blog this morning to check on some of the other blogs I have linked to, and noticed that it seems like the little baby in the pea pod at the top of my page hasn't moved in weeks. I serisously thought about blogging about how ssssllllloooowwww time is going right now. Then, I looked on the right side of the baby and saw 38 days. Yikes. That looks, and sounds, a lot sooner than 5 1/2 weeks, or a month and a half. It's all a matter of perspective.

I think it's so easy, too easy, to get caught up in what we don't have or what we are longing for and totally miss what is right in front of us. I think of the Haaks (baby Josiah's parents). I almost obsessively check their blog daily. They have captured my heart and prayers. If you haven't checked out their blog, it's linked on the right. Anyway, it would be so easy for them to get caught up in the fact that their little guy's life and future is hanging in the balance right now. April 25th is the big day. It would be easy, and understandable, for them to get wrapped up in grief and sorrow - and I know they have moments of this. BUT - they are holding on to hope, to promises, to the truth of God's word for Josiah. They are choosing not to miss out on the little (big) things - like being barfed on for the first time, Josiah holding Daddy's hand while he sleeps, chunky cheeks, and baby gas....amazing! I love the hope and the perspective that they show.

Oh, that I would be able to carry that into all parts of my life. God, change my perspective, help me to see the promises, the joy in the little things - to look beyond the now, into what You have planned, to look through Your eyes!

Monday, April 16, 2007

God's Potatoes

Today was a pretty good day - all things considered. Despite the fact that my hips feel like they are being spread by one of those chest opening devices you see on doctor shows and little Micah seems convinced the way out is through my belly button (ouch), I still got up, went for a walk, made a good breakfast, got some "nesting" done and washed a ton of clothes, all while maintaining four kids and keeping all of us pretty happy. Not bad, if you ask me. Then (insert suspenseful music here)....Dinner time hit.

Most parents know very well what I am talking about. It's like your children become overcome with the spirits of neediness and naughtiness all at the same time. Macey was wanting "bup" (up) and following me around with her blanket and crying every time I tried to tell her that no - mommy has raw hamburger on her hands and is peeling potatoes. She even said sweetly "mommy" and then spit at me. That didn't fly....nuf said. The two older kids were playing nicely, albeit messily, but nicely until 6 o'clock. Then it was constant screaming and hitting and fighting and yikes....mommy loosing her mind. Seriously - what is it about having to get things done that brings this out? Who knows, maybe it's character building, but ouch, can't it be build someway else.

Anyway, we mostly recovered by the time the meatballs were done and the potatoes mashed and the table set. Kylie likes to help set the table and for some reason we had messed up the number of plates, so she "returned" one and went back to her business of setting out the napkins. Then she wanders back in and asks for another plate. "why," I asked, "I gave you the right amount." "Mom, I need a plate for God." So, I give her a plate and follow her to the table where God received a scoop and mashed potatoes and a meatball - but no gravy.

Not only was this a very cute scene, but it made me think. How often do I make room for God in the midst of every day situations - even the crazy, psychotic dinner hour. My brother has a chair in his house that is for Jesus. His three year old has known this chair was for Jesus since he could talk. The more I think about it, the more I realize the merit. Aiden has known, and will know all his life that God has honored place in his physical home, and I am sure that this will transpire to a very honored place in his life. What an amazing thing to be able to teach our kids - that even though we can't see Him with our physical eyes, we need to include him in everything - even in the dinner time craziness and the mashed potatoes! So, thanks Kylie, thanks Aiden for bringing to light this truth that we as adults tend to overlook!