Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Story

There once was a girl of seventeen

She was kinda cute

A little sassy

But definitely no beauty queen

She was smart and funny and

Quite content

To be a teenager with no

Romantic entanglement


One crazy evening at

Red Robin

She met a young man with

Braids on his noggin

He had striking eyes

(she could tell he was seeing through her)

And was twitching and smiling

Talking of The Miracle Worker

Now, to be honest

This first little meeting

Didn’t do a ton to set

Her heart fleeting

But, an impression was made

And destiny set in motion

God’s had was upon it

Wooing and developing a devotion

Then a few weeks later

At a Mexico gathering

She heard this braided guy

Pray – just a smattering

Something happened then and there

That left her changed FOREVER

Her love began to grow and swell

She knew she would love him FOREVER

Down the road they traveled

For two years – maybe a bit more

She fell in love with his heart, his laugh

Even had a hand it what he wore

There were “random” bus assignments

And Sibling guitar classes

Innocent boat rides

But no romantic passes…

But through all that time – two VERY long years

She kept her desire a secret

Hoping that he would know one day

Her heart was his – and keep it!

Finally one day – her dream came true

Her hopes took flight

As her prince talked to her father

That beautiful September night!

Now here’s a glimpse of things to come…

Her emotion ran deep and wild

So all that night she didn’t sleep

And puked really loud …it wasn’t mild!!!

The next evening he approached her

With a bit of a nervous grin

And asked if she had seen his heart….

Let the romance begin!!!

9 months later they were married

And off to a beautiful start

One of adventure and awe

Two people….one heart!

Now, here they are – 8 ½ years later

4 kids, cross country move

Many journeys, great stories

And what do you think they prove?

That love is a road

That when traveled with care

Is a path that this boy and this girl

Will always, forever share

They show us that faith

Is a rock that won’t budge

That prayers and commitment

Overcome any insecurity or grudge

So deeply devoted -

This woman and this man

Will walk, run, or jump

In line with the Creator’s hand

Where will their path lead

No one really knows

Will there be more kids

Hey – probably so!

Will there be ups?

And will there be downs?

Will there be smiles?

And will there be frowns?

Absolutely – to all the above

But one thing this girl knows –

Nothing will diminish my love!

You – my lovely 31 year old

And smart, handsome, gracious and kind

You are gentle and patient

I think maybe you can read my mind!!! ;)

You calm my fears

You hold me tight

You love me deep

You lead me right!!!

There is no one else

I would rather share

This journey of life

From here to there….

I love you,

My hot OLD man!!

You make me smile

Like no one can!!

Here’s to many many more

Birthdays for you

May your desires be fulfilled

Your destiny come true!


Here's to the rest of the journey...


Nadine said...

What a beautiful recap of your journey together. Happy Birthday Jason!

Jenni said...

That is super sweet Danni=) Love you both!


emily johns said...

I love it! I love it! I miss you guys!!

a woman who is said...

Wow Danni, what a beautiful tribute to your husband and your happy for you both!

Jen(n) said...

my favorite line was:
"I love you,
My hot OLD man!!"

:0) might borrow that some day!

Demara said...

OH that was beautiful. I love your poetry!

EM said...

You both are an inspiration of what is to come for so many! Blessings and I miss you all!

Jess <>< said...

Danni! So beautiful! I love this... it was inspiring. =)