Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! The Turkey (or as the kids call him, "Fred,") is happily stuffed and in the oven baking nicely! Kylie decorated our chalkboard with a "Tap Dancing Thanksgiving Turkey!" She has become quite the little artist.
The kids also started a ballet/tumbling class this week. A friend in the church is teaching our kids and our friends up the street - incorporating worship and dance and movement in the class. We love it - so do the kids!

Macey has got to be the cutest three year old ballerina I've ever seen!

Here's a couple more pictures - just for fun!

Life here is starting to feel more normal. The kids are adjusting well, though I'm not sure Macey fully realizes that we are here to stay- at least for a while. Micah made a mess with the fireplace the other day and Macey was panicking "Mom, the people that live here are so not going to be happy." Hopefully it will start to feel more permanent to her soon.

I've been learning a lot about who I am, apart from "doing" and absent of self-made expectations. I feel like I am seeing who I am, who I was meant to be - there has been a lot of revelation and chipping away of things that have been waiting in the back ground for too long. I know freedom is coming, I know healing is on it's way. And, though I do not enjoy the process, there is a peace in the purging of the old.

Well - the kitchen is calling once again and there is a parade to be watched....

We are immensely thankful for you, our friends and family - may God bless you to overflowing...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nadine said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

The kids are getting so big. I miss all your faces.

Patty and Steve said...

Very cute pictures Danni. I'm looking forward to seeing the kids in person.



Jen(n) said...

It was one of my favorite thanksgivings!! You are the perfect hostess. Love you!

Madison Richards said...

Gorgeous pics darlin'!

Love LOve LOVE your kids!!!!!! (you two aren't so bad either...:)

Demara said...

aw the incorporation of dance and worship to glorify our Creator is the best "active"ity ever! And the pictures were SO cute!!! Love the chalkboard idea below the kitchen counter too! So fun.

Hannah said...

Beautiful Pictures... can't wait to see you and the family in person! Micah's eyes are amazing! Love you :)