Monday, August 18, 2008

Micah's first haircut and Kylie's wish list

Mom, Jess - this is for you!
Micah had his first haircut this morning! Thanks Sherry!


And - here is Kylie's first ever, hand written, birthday list. I love it!

Mom, Jess - this is for you!
Before --


Only in the storm said...

How CUTE!!!

Strider said...

A little advice....Save yourselves and don't get High School Moosical!!!!! I can feel it in our house when the girls watch it! Oppressive comes to mind!

Rochelle said...

How cute is Micah with his haircut!!! AND, save that birthday list ... adorable =)

Jill said...

How fun is that? He looks like such a big boy now!

Demara said...

SO FUN! Haha Micah's facial expressions are SO CUTE!!! Love it! :)

Jess <>< said...

AHH!!! Love it!

Love you SO MUCH Danielle. Can't even describe it...


Give the kids love from Jessica!

- Jess <><