Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hurry up and...wait!

Get ready, get ready, make sure everything is prepared! Now....wait! Oh yeah, and wait some more! Seems to be the theme of our lives lately. It can drive a girl crazy, or it can drive a girl to Daddy's arms to wait with Him. I think I prefer the later.

Not only are we anxiously awaiting and preparing (nesting like crazy) for our new little man to arrive, hopefully w/in the next couple weeks, but we are also finally done with the bulk of our paperwork for our adoption. We sent the Dossier in and were expecting to hear that we would receive a referral in a couple months since we are pursuing a child that is more difficult to place. Notice two key words there :WE and EXPECTING. Ha! If there is ANYTHING we should have learned in the last couple months it's that when it comes to children and adoption, nothing is determined by "we" but by "HIM" and "Expectations" should not even be a part of our vocabulary.

After talking with the amazing ladies at AAI, we found that they require us to wait for 6 months after a new addition to the family (Thompson 5.0). That would put us receive a referral around October 1st. Ethiopian courts meet sometime in October and then add another couple months to get everything else squared away and we will be traveling sometime in Early 2011. Not quite the "couple months" we were expecting!

I'll admit that when I first had this conversation with AAI I was disappointed, upset, frustrated. I mean don't they know how much WE want this, how much this did not fit in to our EXPECTATIONS? Hmmm...probably not the best attitude! Took me a couple days to realize that this is not about ME, and MY, and I! This is about what God has ordained, about what He has for us, and for our daughter(s)! I definitely see the wisdom in taking time to let the family get used to having a new baby before adding someone(s) else. I also realize, thanks to my mom, that maybe, just maybe, our little girl(s) may not even be born yet...!?

I'm pretty sure I've come to a place of peace with this. Hey, if God wants her home earlier, He can absolutely speak to the people in charge - I know they listen! So, for now, we wait, we plan, we hope, we pray for our little girl(s). But most of all, we TRUST and we surrender!

On a side note, check out this link to my friend's blog. They have received a match to an amazing little girl, Olivia, and are working like crazy to raise money to bring her home. Monica (the amazing mommy) makes adorable necklaces and is auctioning her anniversary ring on ebay to help raise more funds. Please support this amazing family! How blessed Olivia is to have them love her!

Alright...I have to go get my cookies out of the oven. Seriously, who wakes up at 6:30 with an insatiable NEED to bake oatmeal cookies?!?!? Oh yeah - me!!!


Jill said...

Oh Danni...One thing that adoption taught me is that is all about Him. There was hardly one thing that went as I had expected. Now on this side it makes much more sense but at the time I spent a lot of time frustrated with the "system". Just like children that are born to us, babies come when God says they should. Keep the faith, it is an amazing journey you are on.

Demara said...

Wow your friend is a lovely person! to have so much faith is a beautiful thing. I'm sorry I haven't been around awhile. I've been going through some stuff. And also, I had way to many subscriptions in my feed. Today I only got through a quarter of them, weeding out the ones I don't care to read EVERY week so that I can catch up on the blogs I would much rather catch up on. :) Missed you!