Thursday, March 04, 2010

Five Things I Love Friday

1. Kylie Nicole (around 2 years in this picture). She is light and joy and excitement - love who she is, excited for who she is becoming, humbled to be a part of the process!
2. Caleb Aaron (around 7 months here) - He is hope and peace and determination. So much in this little guy! God is going to great things in and through him - my little prophet!

3. Macey Jourdan (almost 2 here) - She is energy and drive and purity all rolled up in one dynamic package. The places she will go, the lives she will touched are unfathomable, I am blessed to be along for the ride!

4. Micah Samuel (4 months in this picture). He is freedom and discovery and overcoming! Such an amazing little man, so much talent, so much potential - thrilled for the journey!

5. Jason Samuel - He is encouragement, patience, protection, provider, integrity, determination, stability. I still can't believe that God allowed us to be together - I love him for who he is, who he is made to be and who he is becoming - wouldn't want to do this life with anyone else!


Jenn said...

aww i love love love this post!!!

susanna internicola said...

you are a blessed woman!! i love your perspective!

Rachel F. said...

wonderful post...I just might have to steal the idea. :)