Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Things I Love Friday

1. I am loving that my car radio is broken. Seriously. The conversations I have had with the kids and God in the midst of the enforced silences are priceless...who knew?!

2. I love that in no more than 17 days I will get to meet this little guy who is squirming and moving and budding with life inside of me.

3. I love that my husband is so good at so many things and that he willingly and generously gives of his time and energy to bless people with his talents!

4. I love how God provides for even the most "trivial" of things - He knows our needs, our wants, and HE LOVES to bless us. Wow!

5. I love friends who call just to say "Hi, I'm thinking about you!" No agenda, nothing but loving the way God loves! Thanks, Mims - you bless me!

And, because blog posts are better with pictures, here's a few from an adventure along the Nation Ford Greenway last weekend!

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