Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Adoption Update!

Our Dossier is in the mail! We sent it out last Saturday - what a crazy rush of emotion! I was having little panic-y moments thinking about the finality of it. It's been a LONG process - longer than some, I would imagine. We moved 3000 miles away from "home," found out we were pregnant with number 5, two of the four kids started school, and many more changes occurred all while working on paperwork, home studies, research etc. There were moments of dread, hope, fear, excitement, anticipation; pretty much the whole spectrum of emotion.

Now - we wait, we pray, we trust, we hope! I'm not sure what, or who, the next step will bring, but am excited for our family to be complete (for the time being), and to love whomever God places in our lives. We ask for and covet any and all prayers sent on our behalf. There is a Joy in the Journey!!

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Lora said...

exciting! i'm praying...