Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about risk lately. Now, more than ever before in my life, I feel God is asking, and I am more aware, of risk. The unknown, the unseen.

I really don't like the "idea" of risk. I like to know what will happen: how, when, the definite outcome, how it will effect me and my family, what it will look like in the future. Kind of makes me think of what a wise man said once "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen." Ahhh...the unseen, the unknown. That's the hardest part for me. Kinda like taking a leap of a cliff, simply because your Daddy told you too and He said He would catch you.

I have been seeing risk in all sorts of areas in my life lately. There is risk in love, in relationship, in obedience. God asked us to move across the country and be part of what He is doing here...a bit risky by my calculations! There are other things God is asking us to do lately that sound just a little out of the box, a little unexpected in most people's opinions.

I am so grateful that God is not a God of the ordinary...He dwells outside of the box, He requires risk, He desires us to live in crazy faith! I love that there is blessing in obedience. I am more and more convinced that if we are truly seeking His will, His face, then whichever way we turn, whatever path we take, He will bless us!

So, bring on the unknown, let us walk in the unseen. If that is where You are, that is where I want to be...I want to jump!


Jill said...

Remember that we are called to be a peculiar people Danni. God has asked us to do some things that make people look at us as if we are aliens, and that's OK ;o)

susanna internicola said...

risk involves trust and faith...and you got it!!

Nadine said...

I'm glad to see you writing again my friend.

Risk is not easy, believe me I understand. I say go for it. If it's God, He will give you all you need when He tells you to jump.

Madison Richards said...

Jump, dive, fall, whatever it takes! This journey is not for the faint-hearted or the weak-stomached!

Reminds me of when he called some of his disciples. He just said "come. follow me." No caveats. No qualifying statements. Just a directive. Implicit in that directive is the fact that it may not be easy, or fun at times. But this is what I need you to do... no matter what. You come on that basis or not at all.

My toes have left the ledge...And it's good to know I have friends who are right there with me, albeit in alternate time zones!!

a woman who is said...

Nice to see you back in blogland.

I love this last part...

So, bring on the unknown, let us walk in the unseen. If that is where You are, that is where I want to be

My heart sings to the tune of your song 1....2....3....JUMP!

Nikki said...

This has gotten me thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Do you mind if I link to your site in my next blog?

Danni said...

Nikki - go ahead and link a way! Love you and hope to hear Korban is here soon...

Demara said...

I'm jumping off that cliff, I think, but there's no Daddy.

At least I feel as though I'm not on the right cliff perhaps because there's nothing there!

I feel like we are merely surviving with no family. no friends. no love.

I want to move!
Jeff doesn't.