Friday, May 29, 2009

Food Thieves and Storms

A little while ago, as I was planning our "menu" for the week, I had a startling revelation. It seriously takes me three days (not consecutively) and three different stores to accumulate all we will need for the month. Yikes...Now, granted, I usually take at least 3 of the 4 kids with me, so the prospect of going to all three stores in one day is absolutley out of the question, but's quite the process. We go to the warehouse store - BJ's (like costco), Wal-Mart, and usually Harris Teeter because they have killer coupon deals. Anyway, this really is all a segway into why the following pictures caused me quite a bit of distress.

We had just gotten back from a massive trip to BJ's. I had found these whole wheat tortillas that I was excited to try with some hummus and veggies. The older kids were wandering around the back yard and Micah was playing inside while I unloaded the groceries. I came in to find this:

Apparently you should never leave a hungry-almost-two-year-old alone, even for a second, with a whole table of food....he's quite crafty, and very cute!!!

And just because I thought it was sooooo freakin' amazing, here's a couple pictures of an awesome storm that rolled in last night. I would have taken more pictures, but the neighbor was looking at me weird...I think he though I was taking pictures of his house. Anyway, the storm was loud and intense - such a beautiful, frightening display of the Creator's power - kind of like Him - Beautiful, Frightening, Awesome!


susanna internicola said...

micah is a cutie!! yay for healthy tortillas!! and storms really are awesome indeed!! thanks for sharing!

Demara said...

Micah is cute! I probably would have ripped into those nice tasty tortillas too!! Aw I'm hungry.'s too late to eat now :( MUST chew gum!

a woman who is said...

Danni, Micah is a stunning child! What gorgeous eyes! Wow! How could you ever get perturbed at that face?

Jourdan said...

Haha, Micah :) Me and Jess always used to eat tortillas by themselves for a snack!! It was one of the favorites! We usually made faces out of the circles by biting holes in it when it's folded much fun.

Jenn Greutman said...

love it! oh my i could look at your cute kiddos all day. and i can hear your voice when i read your blog! I like that you type how you would talk. makes me smile!