Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More little things

Wow - so I just realized my last post was Nov. 21st. Way too long to wait between postings, but at least I'm getting another one in before a month has passed - not too bad, I guess.

I was trying to think of what to post, what has really stood out in the last few weeks. There has been a lot that has happened, but I think the thing that has made the biggest impression has to do with more of the little things...

For those of you who know me, you know that Jason and I are expecting our fourth baby in May. Each pregnancy and the circumstances surrounding them have been incredibly different. They range for total shock and surprise, to being early and dramatic, to being totally planned (this one).

I think maybe I went into this pregnancy thinking that maybe it would be kind of the "same old, same old." I mean, it hasn't been that long since I went through my first pregnancy and definitely not long since the previous one. But, I am amazed at how new things feel all the time. Who knows, maybe I am suffering from memory loss due to hormones or lack of sleep or both. Regardless, everything feels new again. My poor hubby is probably so tired of me asking "was it like this last time?" "Did I feel like I would never feel better last time?" "Was I this BIG last time?" He is sooooo patient with me - what a guy!!

This past week Jason and I both got to feel the baby move and we also had an ultrasound. After the ultrasounds with the other three kids, there is not much different with looking at a baby at this stage of gestation. They all look like little aliens! But, last night when we were seeing the little one for the first time - there was this huge sense of awe that washed over me again - "that's mine - that's ours." I am amazed at how perfect everything works, how beautifully formed babies are - even at 16 weeks.

I am reminded of how God "knits us together in the womb." I love to think that this little person has a destiny and a calling and a purpose beyond anything I can imagine - already! He (or she) was picked to be born, to come into this world at this time for God's amazing purposes - it blows me away.

I kind of got to thinking on a much grander scale. If I am so overwhelmed with the miracle of life each time I am pregnant, even each time I hear of someone carrying a child, then how much more joy does our Heavenly Father feel each time a life enters the kingdom. The Bible says that the angels rejoice when a soul is saved - I think I saw that in a new perspective last night. For as much joy and rejoicing we feel when a new life is born into this world - what a party it must be when those lives enter into Eternal Life! I would love to be witness to that one!

Lord, help me to never lose sight of the miracle of new life - on earth and in Heaven!


Anonymous said...

I love your posts. I can hear your voice as I read your words and I deeply touched. What a blessing you both are. I'm so excited about your future and that of your growing family! The awe of God is never more apparent than in the birth of a child!


Anonymous said...

You need to write more often. You have so much to say and I love the way you say it. You and Jason are great parents and your children are blessed to grow up in your home. I can't wait to meet the newest addition. Love ya, Na