Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If you like to...

I watched a pretty good movie last night. I don't think there was anything too remarkable about it - it definitely will not win any awards. But there is one line that has stuck with me all day, something that touched a spot deep in my spirit.

In the movie, there is a young girl who wants to dance, whose parents are paying for dance lessons, but she just is not "good" at it. She tells her dance instructor "I just don't think I was made to dance." Her instructor asks her "Do you like do dance?" "Well, yeah" she replies. He says "Well, then, you were made to dance." She later repeats this same phrase to a young man she is dancing with.

When I first heard it, I knew there was some spiritual truth being spoken. As I have thought about it today, I have realized how much I, and maybe I am not alone, have believed the lie that if you are not good at it at first then you should quit. Ouch. I have tried countless things, countless numbers of times and when I don't find success or fulfillment or affirmation I quit. Obviously I was not made to do those things, right. Uh, wrong.

I have realized lately how much passion and desire is an integral part of how God made us. He created passion. He perfected it. The things that I long for, the things that I might even just think would bring me joy are not there by accident. He placed them in me. Just because I am not "good" at it by my standards does not give me reason or excuse to bury the passion for those things.

I mean, really, how many people are good at what they do the first time they do it? Not many. I think God has designed passion and desire to be so deep and consuming that we will fight for fulfillment. Is it possible that He wants us to want to find those things that He placed in us SO much that the struggle is by design? I know I find that in my relationship with Him. He wants me to CHOOSE to seek Him above all else, to lay down the easy things to do the passionate thing. Oh, God, show my how seek passion, how to fight for the fulfillment of desire. Show me how to seek You with my all...


Anonymous said...

"I think God has designed passion and desire to be so deep and consuming that we will fight for fulfillment"

Great line... excellent post!

May we all become good at doing things badly!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Was that movie Take the Lead? Interesting how we can see spiritual applications where we least expect it. Glad to see you back in the grove.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again - even if infrequently! It's good for you when you do...I can see it on you. Grace Grace Grace. Just do it when you can. It will keep you holding onto the thread that's called "Danielle".