Monday, August 30, 2010


There has been so much going on much! Many, many times I have thought "I need to blog that, " or "that would make a great post. " I am convinced my gravestone should say "She had a lot of good ideas." Seems things don't always materialize the way I would like or imagine them to. Maybe it's my lackadaisical ways, or maybe it's the five kids under 8...dunno...either way, it is what it is. So I'll try to get everything done in one post. It might be long, it might be disjointed - but it's my life!

Our summer has officially ended. The three older kids are back in school and loving it. I think they are enjoying it more than Mom and Dad are. It's so hard to know the "right" thing to do. Especially since "right" seems so illusive sometimes. I struggle with knowing what is the best, what is good, and what is settling. There are definitely things we disagree with and flat out don't like about the public school system. Things that boil our blood...grrrr. But at the same time I know that there are many, many good things for them to experience and learn - even through adversity and less than ideal situations. It's a constant question in my mind. I'm pretty sure someday we will end up homeschooling - just not sure when. Definitely don't want to get ahead of God on this one. Oh Wisdom, come, show yourself....stick around for while - you're much needed here!

With K, C, and M in school, these two guys are getting lots of snuggle time. How cute are they!?!?

We ended our summer break with a family trip to upstate NY to visit some very close, very dear friends. Two sets of friends, in fact! What a blessing. Jason baptized Kylie and Macey while we were there - such a beautiful time. I love my kiddos and love their unashamed love for God!

It was so great to reconnect with people we hadn't seen in a while. Even though we stayed busy, there were plenty of times where we just "were." Where we just shared life - love it! There is nothing like relationship that has endured years and experiences; losses and gains; ups and downs. Finding a group of people with like minds and hearts and vision and purpose and then being able to share life with them is a blessing beyond measure! Here is one of my favorite pics from the trip - their four amazing kiddos with our five - such an awesome group!!! If our kids grow up to be like is not much more I could hope for!
Hmmm...having issues with the photo thingy - can't get this one to delete or move or anything...oh well - they're cute enough to post twice!
Things are still moving along with our adoption process. We have found out that there are currently three families waiting in front of us. When we were told we had to wait until Malachi was 6 months old, we did not think these families would still be waiting. But, they are. So, we wait some more! It is difficult in some ways. But there is still such a peace knowing that God is in control. And He is good, and His timing is perfect!

One of the friends we visited in NY has an etsy shop full of super cute bags and stuff. I asked her to make a blanket for Kate - told her I was thinking of a ladybug-ish type thing. Check it out....LOVE IT!!! Thanks sooooo much Jenn!!!!

We are also gearing up for a yard sale soon. Here was my front play room on Sunday morning. much work to do....organizing and pricing and staging and selling! We are so grateful for all the donations we have received and the ones that are still coming in! Please join us in praying for favor on the Garage Sale and that all the items would sell!

God has been doing a lot of divine strategizing (is that a word?!) on our behalf lately, it seems. I was at the Discover Center this morning with a good friend and saw a lady there with a little girl in and Ergo Carrier that was obviously not her bio-baby. I took a chance, asked if she was adopted and found that, yes, she was brought home from Ethiopia in May. Such an encouragement to meet someone else who has walked through this journey! I also get to connect with another mom from the area that has just received their referral last week for a precious baby boy! So excited to connect and build relationship with other adoptive families. God is pretty cool!

Anyway, life is good. Loving this journey, loving this path with the Creator - even with the ups and downs, ins and outs - it is a blessed road to travel!


Lora said...

great to get an update from you! your kiddos are so cute. exciting times are ahead for you, danielle! :)
hoping to connect with you soon once my kiddos go back to school,

susanna said...

yay for cute pics!!! i am with ya girl :) we love you guys!

Billy & Megan said...

Hey girl! So good to finally meet you yesterday. I'm so glad to have another friend on the journey who is nearby. Can't wait to share your good news with you, too - it will be here before you know it :)
p.s. there's a post on AAI yahoo group from someone wanting to sell their ergo carrier for $65 (a great price)!