Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick Update...


It's been a crazy couple of months - but that's nothing new!!! I've been going nonstop (or so it feels) with Doctor Appointments for the kiddos and me, a road trip to NY with a dear friend, organizing all of our adoption paperwork, and just regular old "life stuff." It's been a season of change, joy, sorrow, hope and anticipation for the future!

I am finally starting to feel better - no more puking all day every day. With the other four pregnancies, I didn't start feeling semi-normal until about 25 weeks - with this one, it was at about 16 weeks that I was having more good days than bad. For that, I am EXTREMELY thankful. God is good, and merciful and faithful! We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago. Everything looks good and we found out we are having another BOY! All four kids came with us and watched the little guy on the screen - so fun, and I hope, so memorable for them.

The adoption process is going very well. Our home study is complete, approved, and in the hands of the adoption agency! We hope to have our Dossier complete and sent out by the 1st week in December, pending some notarization of documents (quite an ordeal, let me tell you)! I have been cautiously diving into the world of adoption grants, loans, and fund raisers. The kids have decided they would like to help raise some money and are making bracelets to sell. Macey is quite the little sales person and already has two or three sold - before they are even made! I will be posting some pictures of the finished products soon if anyone out there in blogland would like to contribute.

We do have some specific prayer requests if you are a praying person: Finances are probably the top request right now - we need to raise about $6000 dollars in the next few months. Typing that, it sounds daunting, but I know my God is big and that is totally a doable amount for Him! The second request is for a vehicle. We've decided that we are going to be "that family." The one with the 12 passenger van...! I am actually kind of excited...more room, more seats - more kids! We are looking, praying for a good deal. When we first started thinking about adoption I really felt a vehicle is something that God would provide for us, w/out a lot of stress involved. I'm holding onto that, and trying not to panic as the time draws closer.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the last few months. Enjoy:

Micah jammin' with his friend Brighten:The whole crew at Historic Bratonsville:
21 Week Belly Shot:

The kiddos at the airshow:
My loves inside a war plane:
"The Girls"


Demara said...

wow you are going to be one BIG happy family with so much excitement popping out the seams, hey?!?! oh and nice belly hehe :)

susanna internicola said...

love the pic of brighten and micah!! woohoo!!

jenn said...

i love your blog, friend. and i miss your face! keep posting pictures so i can see you more!