Friday, July 31, 2009

Dossiers and Babies

Yay! Our dossier packet came in the mail today! It is not quite as daunting as I had anticipated AND we need about 6K less than I had previously expected for this phase of the process. (We still have to raise that 6K, just not immediately). So excited to get going on this!

Kylie and Caleb received their class assignments for school today. It's pretty crazy to think that I'll have two in school this year. They grow up so stinkin' fast! Speaking of growing...we just recently found out I am are growing another Thompson! Baby will be here in late in March or Early April. We're not quite sure how this will effect the adoption, but we are still pushing through with it. From what we can tell, infant referrals from Ethiopia are about 7-10 months out - so they could be arriving at or very close to the same time - crazy, exciting, scary, wonderful!

It is so easy to shy away from what we feel God calling us to because of the enormity of it in the moment. But, over and over and over again, espeically during this season, I have felt God saying "My grace IS sufficient, I AM made perfect in your weakness." And, oh - how my weakness is magnified on a daily basis. There is nothing like being a parent to highlight my shortcomings. And there is nothing like knowing His mercies are new EVERY day to keep me going!


Demara said...

wow! 6 kids in a year? you're going to be busy especially if your adoptee and your newbie are around the same age:) you'll have twins!! lol :))) so excited for you.

Nadine said...

I can't believe Caleb is going to school - how exciting.

I can't wait for the new Thompson - I am partial.

I'm happy to hear that your process is coming along nicely. Both babies are so blessed to join your family.

Tom Zawacki said...

We love you guys!
I am so very happy for you both... two of the finest parents I know.

Jourdan said...

That's amazing!!! I heard from my mom that you guys were expecting another Thompson a few days ago, I about flipped my lid. I got a text from her while I was at work and people were asking me what the big deal was lol...I can't wait to meet the new baby...babies?? Wow, adopting too? That is SO crazy. But good crazy :) Definitely good. Bless you guys, and I love you IMMENSELY!

a woman who is said...

What big hearts God has blessed you with. So much to give and share...congratulations and blessings to the whole T-clan!