Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Little Graduate

Kylie Graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. I swore I was not going to get emotional...I mean it's just Kindergarten, right? But, sure enough - and true to form - as she walked up in her paper hat and shook her teachers hand and received her empty white paper rolled up with a blue ribbon, there were tears, and snot, and the attempt at an indiscreet eye/nose wipe...ahhhh....!

I did have the wherewithal, however, to capture a few pictures:

Kylie on her first day of Kindergarten!

Field Day 2009

Graduation Smile!
Graduation Curtsy!

After the Pretty!


Jourdan said...

o-mahgosh! Graduating Kindergarten!!! Crazy pants...

Hey did you get the recipe I sent you? Mom told me you wanted the peach amaretto dessert one, so I sent it to the only address I have for you, hoping it was the right one :) We are making it tonight for our dinner guests (actually MOM's making it) so I'll let you know how it turned out!

Loves to your wonderful fam,

emily j said...

Kylie is such a doll! I remember learning my graduation curtsy for Kindergarten graduation (in Louisiana.) I guess it's a southern thing, huh?

a woman who is said...

just the first of those eye/nose swipes...many,many more to come...enjoy:)

Demara said...

Wow! She's grown so much!! She looks 2 inches taller by the end of Kindergarten there. Wow!!

Congratulations on her achievement!