Monday, February 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

22 Years ago today, one of my best friends was born! I remember being at one of my parents friend's house at waking up to go to the bathroom (I was 5) and she told me I had a little sister. How exciting!
I'll admit I wasn't the nicest sister growing up (sorry Amy!), but I cannot deny my love for this little brown eyed girl!
I have enjoyed watching her grow from a spunky little kid (aka "mad dog") to an elegant, beautiful, virtuous, amazing woman. I am blessed to call her my friend, privileged to have my kids call her Aunt, and honored to call her my friend!

So - Happy Birthday Amy!!!! I love you more than words can say!


Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Amy. You are both so pretty.

Tom Zawacki said...

OK, so today has been my catching up on blogs day... I'd missed your last three.

1. Happy Birthday Amy!
2. I love pink!
3. Caleb is wise beyond his years and has great taste in women!
4. You are an amazing women with amazing children. I love your family dearly!!


Hannah said...

You look gorgeous! and Amy is a beautiful bride :)