Saturday, November 17, 2007

Monday is Jason's Birthday - the BIG 30!!!!

I remember 8 years ago (when we were dating) that 30 seemed sooooo far away - and yet here it is! I cannot imagine being married to a better 30 year old than him. He is far and away more than I expected and hoped for in a husband/father/friend. The way he shows his love to me and the kids on a daily basis blows me away!
Here is a little video we made for him....We love you!


LL said...

couldn't get the video to play but I'm sure it is amazing!

love you tons!!

Wish Jason had a blog too so I could raz him about being old!

He is a great man... you done good gilr!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jason! I can't get the video to play, rats. I know it is full of your absolutely darling kids!! Love that last conversation with K and C too. Those 2 are just so precious! Love Helen

Jill said...

Great video! Your kids are adorable. Happy birthday Jason!

Shadraq said...

good vid! Tell Jay I left him a B-day blog on my page.

Cute Kids. Especially that 5th one.

Jen(n) said...

The video was a great idea!! I watched it again this morning.

Nadine said...

The video was great. I guess Kilie thought if she rocked Micha that meant he was singing along. Too cute for words.

Happy Birthday Jason. Just keep in fine wine, you get better with age. What a great family you have.

I love you guys!

Patriot said...

Ha - too cute! I bet he'll love it!

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