Monday, August 20, 2007

You know you're a mom of toddlers if....

* You know who Kofi Annan is because you saw him on Sesame Street

* During worship the most consistent thing you receive is a chewed up bagel in your outstretched hands

* You have "Rock n' Roll Nursery Rhymes" on your iPod

* You are out with your friends and say "I have to go potty."

* The last time you took communion at church more of it ended up on your khaki pants than anywhere else

* You measure time in cartoon increments (you need to stay on your bed for one whole Clifford!)

And - just an amusing side story:
We were sitting at church during worship last Sunday and Macey was desperately trying to tell me something. As usual, it was very hard to hear her so I told her "say it in my ear" and leaned down to where she was. She looked at me really weird - maybe she hadn't heard me - so I said it again "Tell me in my ear." Again, she looked at me like I was crazy and I got a little frustrated. "Macey - tell me in my ear." Next thing I know - she was wiping her face in my hair...turns out she was asking for a Kleenex and thought I said "wipe it in my hair." Ahhhh...clear communication is of the essence with a two year old!!!


Joy said...

hahaha! That is too cute! :)

Jess <> said...


I love you guys!

- Jess <><

Jen(n) said...

That is so grouse! Wish I could have seen it!!!

Shadraq said...

I like the clifford one. I think I'll measure it in Sesame Street time...that or Tailspin

Nadine said...

Macey has a way about her to get her point across - too funny and a tad on the gross side.

Jourdan said...

Oh my gosh...your kids are so funny.
Aww, Macey face..I love how she says whatever she is thinking, does whatever she feels like doing, no matter the circumstances. She is one of the most unique kids I've ever met!
love you!

EM said...

The joys of a toddlers life and what they understand. This I will have to remember for a later date.

LL said...

My youngest is ten and I still tell people that "I have to go potty"... ~sigh~ I think I'm ruined for life!

EMAM said...

Lol! ALL true.

A Woman Who is: said...

Love your glimpses into motherhood.
Something’s never change, and some do. Love the iPod music list.