Sunday, July 01, 2007


We are leaving today for a whole week to a beautiful cabin on an amazing lake with an even more amazing family and another good friend! It is quite an ordeal packing for 6 - our van is loaded to capacity (and maybe beyond)! But, alas, it is done and we are on our way (God willing) in a few short hours!
I've been wanting to post a couple kid stories - so I figured I'd try to get those done before I go:

Caleb has been having a TON of dreams lately. Some good, some not so good. So - we've been encouraging and praying and talking to him about calling for Jesus in his dreams to help him. The other day he woke up and said he had a bad dream with monsters and stuff in the kitchen. I reminded him that he could talk to Jesus in his dreams and he said "Yeah, I know, but I just asked for Spider man and he came to help" Hmmm....sounds like his dream language!!

And then there's Kylie! She was sitting in the van the other day and saw an airplane. She asked "when to Caleb and I get to fly?" I said, "You mean in an airplane? I don't know honey." "No mom - in the air with our wings?" Wow! Ky - I think you can do anything you put your mind to! (Oh - Tyler, I told her to ask you how to fly)!!! Fly, Kylie, Fly!!!

Now, who could forget about Macey. Macey, Macey, Macey - who is EVERY BIT of a two year old! She has chosen to make getting out of bed "THE battle." You know - the one where she will be incredibly stubborn and test mom and dad to see how stubborn we can be with discipline - fun, fun!!! Well this was the scene the other night: She pokes her head out of her room and wanders into the hallway."Macey - are you out of bed." "Ummm....yeah." "Macey - what happens when you get out of bed?" "know" (meaning - I don't know). "Do you get spankers?" "yeah" "Come here" macey takes off running, goes into her room. I follow and say "come here" She looks at me with her very cute, very big blue eyes with her scruffy blonde hair everywhere and says "spank" and swats her own bottom. Pretty cute!!!

What can I say about Micah? Oh man - this little guy (and the big guy) has stolen my heart!!! Take a look at this pic:

Enough said!!

Here's to a great, relaxing vacation with great friends and many more stories to tell when we get back!!!



Shadraq said...

Now that I know you are out of town, I will be robbing you blind...

Great stories, I love your kids (and you guys too)

Amy said...

Hey Danielle! I hope you guys have an awesome vacation. Relax and have some fun. When do you guys get back? Let me know, David and I will be in town next weekend (July 7 and 8). Hopefully we can get together sometime. I love you!

Have a great week!

Nadine said...

Have a great time on vacation. I must say you make beautiful looking babies and the big guy helps. :) Love you.

redeemed diva said...

Great entry. I love the way your kids think...a kid's mind is a great place. Pray for the peace of God to be with your son while he sleeps.

Jill said...

Your kids have grown so much! They are beautiful Danni.

Joy said...

Cute stories :) I had an amazing time with you guys, I am so glad you came... Love you Danielle

Jen(n) said...

Where is your Jason story?

A Woman Who is: said...

Amazing family. Gotta love Macey!

LL said...

well, I know I had an amazing vacation... and now I'm having baby withdrawls!!

we love you all and are equally blessed to have spent so much quality time together!!!!!

Jourdan said...

aww, man. I have learned more about those kids in the past week than ever before!
The thompson six...y'all rock my socks :)

Tom Zawacki said...

Your kids are adorable! We had a great time last night, thanks for coming by.