Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peace and other fun stuff

Talk about a whirlwind!
I feel like we've been going nonstop since I posted last.
There has been doctors appointments and phone calls and paperwork like you wouldn't believe. The kids are asking tons of questions and trying to wrap their minds around what is happening. The two younger ones have not ever been left by both of us for more than a couple hours. Micah is asking about our trip, about the twins, and is processing and reacting in his own little 3 (almost 4) year old way.

He keeps asking if I am going over to Ethiopia to put the twins in my belly.
We're working on that. :)

But overall, the kiddos are doing well, and getting excited about our trip.

There have been days when the now and the "what's to come" seem crazy overwhelming.
Like "oh my gosh...WHAT are we doing."
Such an opportunity to worry and fret and obsess over every little (or bit) thing that could go wrong.
But I don't think I have once gone down that road.

That's HUGE.
At least for me.
This is coming from the girl who a few years ago was dead on the side of the road if he was even 5 minutes late.
Crazy much?!?!
Yeah, I know...we're working on that.

Anyway...I have felt such a sense of know, the kind that passes's been a constant presence. I can feel Him, hear His voice, know His presence in a way that I can't remember ever experiencing before.
I'm kinda loving it.

So, logistically, things are falling into place.
We have our tickets in hand. We are working on figuring out how much of what to pack.
It looks like we will be bringing as much Costco formula for Layla House as we can fit into our bags.
I have a letter in hand that I will be bringing to our local Costco this week to ask for a donation. Prayer for favor with that would be amazing...just sayin'.

In other, non adoption news...This little lady graduates Kindergarten on Friday.
Can you even believe it?!
She was seriously born to go to school!
She has loved (most) every moment of it.
Her daily reports have never included academic updates, but more of
who is friends with who and
who wore what and
why so and so looked and such and such....
my little social butterfly.
I love you, Mace Face.

And then the next day we are celebrating this amazing little guy...

He is turning FOUR...wowza!
He is such a joy and delight and a constant source of entertainment.
It's hard to believe that he was just barely one and not even walking when he moved here.
How time flies - so thankful to have him in our lives!
Micah, you rock it!

And finally, Jason and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary this weekend.
That's a lot of years.
Can't believe I get to live my life with the most amazing man in the world.
One lucky girl. For reals.
He is certainly my better half and I thank God daily for him.
Couldn't ask for better.
Not in a million years.

Anyway, not sure if I will have a chance to post again before we head to Ethiopia (eeekkk!!!!)! Please, if you are a praying type of person, continue to lift all 9 of us up to Him.
He is a good, good God and has good things in store for us...

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Lora said...

i love it when you blog :)
praying for you!